The 'Norway' Series by Nicolai Perjesi is Rugged and Beautiful

It is sometimes difficult to put into words the austere beauty of harsh northern climates as evidenced by the countless descriptions that come to mind when looking at Nicolai Perjesi's 'Norway' series. Austere, beautiful, severe, wild, rugged; these terms do not quite capture those intangible qualities that are yet so apparent in the the Copenhagen-based photographer's recent landscape series.

Brisk streams cut their way through jagged swaths of rocks before collecting in pools under billows of gray clouds that blanket the wide open landscape in a cold, hearty embrace. One can easily imagine how the Norse and Vikings of ancient times would have dreamed up tales of fierce gods wandering these frigid, rolling terrains.

Still, the landscapes do not seem ancient. They evoke feelings of timelessness. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one can sometimes forget that such places exist.