Artist Nicholas Mottola Manipulates Anonymity through Destruction

 - Jun 28, 2014
References: & trendland
Although the work of Nicholas Mottola looks as though it has been destroyed, the images have been intentionally manipulated to appear that way. Digitally torn to create a sense of anonymity as well as a unique layer, the tears add a texture to the artworks that will bring to mind ancient masterpieces and the like.

Based in Aversa, Italy, Nicholas Mottola has titled his torn collages '#bd9680.' Paintings are overlaid on top of nude images, portraits are layered on top of landscape images and more throughout the art series. Creative in an abstract way, Nicholas Mottola invites his audience to interpret his works in their own way. By using vintage images, he creates a nostalgic vibe that will connect with people in a variety of ways, which will make narratives even more powerful.