This New Email App Lets You Deploy Read Receipts and Scheduled Delivery

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: cloudmagic & engadget
While there are hordes of new email apps available on the iOS and Google Play app stores, most of them don't offer the kind of broad and expansive functionality that many people have come to expect from email clients. This is where the Newton email app comes in.

A revived version of the former CloudMagic app, this brand new email app comes with a stunning $50 subscription fee. Given that price point, the Newton app offers a range of features. For example, you can deploy read receipts so that people know you've read their messages, and you can even set up scheduled email deliveries. The app also makes innovative use of swipe-based commands to make it easier than ever for you to delete or organize emails without having to click all over the place.

Given that more and more people email from their smartphones now, the beautifully designed Newton email app will certainly appeal to many despite its $50 price.