This Photography Invokes Fear in the Faint of Heart

 - Sep 8, 2013
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These crystal clear shots focus on how terrifying the bustling streets of New York can be to newbies. Photographers Formento+Formento explain that "in New York, there is no room for amateurs, even in crossing the streets."

We can see from the photos that the model is certainly no New Yorker. Her distress and uncertainty is apparent in her poses, facial expressions and the lighting within the photos.

There is a use of shadow and light in the images where the model is dressed in white and the city's backdrop is extremely dark. This makes it appear as if the city is overpowering and overwhelming to both the model and the audience of the photo.

The model looks confused and lost throughout most of the shoot and as if she desperately needs a city guide to help her along. New York is a busy place, and not the apple of everyone's eye.