This New Smart Home Apartment's Design Transforms Over Time

 - Apr 9, 2016
References: & gizmag
There are lots of new smart home projects out there that are pushing housing innovation in a big and productive way, but few projects are as innovative as the Small Home Smart Home developed by Hong Kong-based architects LAAB.

This home is a tiny 29-square space that LAAB has gone ahead and squeezed a whole bunch of features into using innovative and space-saving design. What's so great and unique about this new smart home is that it doesn't merely take into account the standard three dimensions of space, but also takes into account the fourth dimension -- time. The apartment is designed to transform based on the time of day and the pertinent need.

Ultimately, the Small Home Smart Home could inspire a number of other projects that will be of great use in cities like Hong Kong that are ridiculously expensive to live in.