Bid to Win Lifestyle, Friends, Photos and Surfing Skills

 - Feb 2, 2007
References: saynotocrack
Sometimes you just want to...not be you, wish you had it better. Like living on and island? Cruising down to the beach to get in touch with ones inner inners, say in Australia? Well unfortunately for you, you can no longer do this because the eBay auction for an Australian beach bum has expired. But what price would you be willing to pay for someone's identity? His sold for AU$7,500, going to the highest bidder the identity included pretty much what you would think an identity includes: lifestyle, friends, family, childhood photos, push bike as well as "roughly 300 CD's". He will even teach you how to become more like him (optional of course) Surf, hand stand, fire twirling and devil stick lessons, what a bonus!