The NeverSeconds Blog by Martha Payne is Endorsed by Jamie Oliver

 - May 23, 2012
Seeking a platform to talk about school cafeteria food, nine year old Martha Payne writes NeverSeconds: a rated account of what comes her way on the cafeteria tray.

Martha, who goes to school in Argyll, Scotland, runs the blog with the help of her father. Taking photos of what's for lunch on a daily basis, and uploading reviews complete with a 'hair' count, it's clear that this pupil is looking to shake up the way that schools provide for students. Already having received endorsement from cafeteria crusader and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, Martha's blog is receiving an unbelievable amount of views.

The brilliance of this blog lies in the exposure of school lunches. Exposing the poor quality or even the high quality of cafeteria lunches brings much-needed awareness to the issue.