The Kapsys Kapten Audible GPS With Voice Recognition

 - Aug 18, 2008
Most GPS devices coming out these days battle over which one has the best screen. When it comes to that matter, the GPS navigation system named as Kapsys Kapten stands out from the rest. Why so? Simply because it is a GPS device with no screen at all. You read it right. It has no screen which means no visual maps and images.

The Kapsys Kapten GPS only requires its users to have a sharp listening skill because the road instructions and routes are given through voice recognition and text-to-speech capability. It is very portable measuring 74mm x 44mm x 13mm only and weighing about 50 grams. 4GB internal memory as well as a SiRFStar III GPS chipset comes with the device.

You can use the GPS while you are driving in your car, going around in your bike or just walking. Imagine it as your friendly guide giving the instructions to you verbally.

Kapsys Kapten GPS navigation system is expected to be available by September for $150€.