The LG Smart Network Antenna Gets Televisions Ready for the Future

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: nab.vporoom & gizmag
Despite the rise in streaming and the rise in consumption of digital content, not much news has come about regarding the technology that makes it possible until now with the LG Smart Network Antenna.

Designed to be compatible with ATSC 3.0, the antenna is designed to make interactive features and data more exceptional for users. Better yet, the antenna makes 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) more realistic for entering the home environment via cable. As content moves to be nearly all high-definition, the antenna helps make the home environment ready for the shift towards a totally digital HD experience.

Although not yet available for consumer purchase, the LG Smart Network Antenna is sure to help enhance the capabilities of in-home television sets in new, future-ready ways.