Maid, Security Gaurd, Cat Feeder and More?

 - Dec 3, 2006   Updated: Apr 21 2011
References: robotgossip.blogspot
The new NetTansor robot can think and make decisions on its own. This, along with programing software means that you can train the NetTansor to be your maid, security guard, cat feeder and more.

Implications - The robot will be available to buy in Japan starting in December 2006. NetTansor stands at 12 inches tall, has three wheels and a number of cameras. It also comes with a microphone, speakers and a sensor that enables it to not bump into anything. The robot is so smart that it will be able to tell when changes have been made to your home, such as laundry on the floor, and make decisions about what do to about it. It can also be programmed to call you if someone comes to the door or enters your home when you are not there.