Nerdwax Promises to Keep Your Glasses on Your Face

Don Hejny, the founder of Nerdwax, is running a Kickstarter project to fund the product's first ever production run. At a live music performance, he noticed the artist constantly having to take her hand of her guitar to push up her glasses. At this moment he got the genius idea to try making a product that could help keep glasses in place.

After researching different waxes and letting his friends test the mixes, he finally came up with an all-natural formula that you could apply on the bridge of your glasses and they wouldn't slip down your nose -- at least until the product naturally wore off over time.

Nerdwax is a practical and eco-friendly concept that produces little to no waste and that's made of products that are good for your skin. These glasses stabilizers will keep your hands free to bike, run, dance and move as you please, without having to push them up your nose every few minutes.