The Aloha LA Necklace Collection by Sophie Monet is Inspired By the Beach

Designer Sophie Monet created a fun and flirty ring, bracelet and necklace collection titled Aloha LA inspired by the ocean. The collection incorporates breathtaking gemstones, simple chains and minimalistic charms that encapsulate the summer season in a stylish way. The collection's lookbook captures a tanned blonde model enjoying living the coastal life decked out in the Aloha LA line.

The Aloha LA collection takes inspiration from the natural surroundings of the ocean rocks, beach sands and aquamarine waves. The collection focuses on triangular and geometric gemstones that are aesthetically inspired by rocks you'd find naturally while taking a leisurely stroll along the beach. The images showcase the beautiful blonde model taking a break from snorkeling and swimming in the sea to enjoy hanging out on a yacht.