Fitbit Will Give Gamers Points in NBA 2K17 for Fitness Goals

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: businesswire & theverge
NBA 2K17, the latest game in the NBA 2K franchise, is a popular game among both basketball fans and gamers (two groups that tend to overlap.) The unfortunate irony of a popular sports video game, however, is that it causes its players to miss out on real-life activity and fitness. To combat this unfortunate conundrum, NBA 2K17 has partnered with Fitbit to incentivize fitness for players.

Announced by 2015 NBA champion and Fitbit ambassador Harrison Barnes, the new program gives small boosts to gamers' 'MyPlayer' characters if they hit Fitbit's preset goal of 10,000 steps per day.

MyPlayer is the create-a-player mode in NBA 2K17, in which users can design a player and then play with them to improve attributes and better their team.