Ludo's Nature Graffiti Sparks Thought Through Weaponized Creations

 - Jul 26, 2013
References: thisisludo & laughingsquid
It's not often that biotic warfare takes place on the walls of France, but Ludo's newest nature graffiti has butterflies and avocados taking up arms. Whether there's a political message backing the artwork or not, the creations are definitely distinct and providing an interesting concept to think about.

In the wars of the past, biological warfare meant the use of toxins and infectious agents in order to spread death in massive waves across enemy armies. Ludo's nature graffiti has evolved the idea by instead having organic beings and objects sporting all sorts of different weapons. From beetles carrying gigantic cannons to hidden explosives being kept in the pit of an avocado, the imaginative natural weapons definitely push the boundaries. Graffiti is truly one of the most expressive forms of art and Ludo has definitely communicated his superb creativity with these pieces.