'Gold Cardamom Fruitas' are Gold-Covered Natural Breath Fresheners

 - Feb 7, 2018
References: klgspice & amazon
Cardamom is a common cooking spice that may also be used as a natural breath freshener, as it boasts the ability to neutralize the dental bacteria that is responsible for bad breath. Although there are many products for fresh breath that are made with cooling ingredients from the mint family, the Gold Cardamom Fruitas from KLG Spice set themselves apart in this category.

As the name of the product suggests, the Gold Cardamom Fruitas are covered in 24-karat gold—but this is not the only luxurious ingredient that is featured in the product. The cardamom pods are also infused with saffron.

The natural alternative to gum and mints is meant to be chewed for a period of time to freshen one's breath. Unlike many breath fresheners on the market, these pods are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and non-sticky.