Designer Nate Bolt Showcases the Way People Sit in Meetings

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: boltron & designtaxi
These humorous images by designer Nate Bolt takes a look at the posture of people in meetings and the meanings behind the way workers sit. From the slackers who are practically sliding under the desk to the diligent note-takers and brain-stormers busy filling the walls with ideas, you might recognise some of these stereotypes from your office, or possibly yourself.

The images examine workplace mannerisms and how our actions are interpreted by our fellow employees and bosses. Some of the more ridiculous images in the series examines the 'addict' worker who simply has to have his laptop and phone with him at all times. My personal favorite is the 'wasted' work employee, who has missed the chair completely and ends up lying face down on the floor.