Natalia Chabanenko for Tosca Blu is Pristine in Color and Styling

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: damnitsawesome
Looking like an unreal set of snaps, Natalia Chabanenko for Tosca Blu puts the petite model seaside in over-the-top fashions with an overt focus on a somber blue shade.

Known for being the epitome of the supermodeling industry, Chabanenko is native to the Ukraine and not only exceedingly small in stature, but also boasting strong facial features that are revered in the industry as being unusually beautiful.

The shots highlight the model's ethereal appearance and emphasis a focus on perfection, which is seemingly attained through the captures that are rather stark. Looking like a storm is brewing over the sea, Natalia Chabanenko for Tosca Blu is truly an achievement for being one of the most stunning spreads that makes everything look like the perfect shade of sapphire