The NASA Space Apps Challenge is Inspiring and To-The-Point

 - Sep 23, 2011
References: & io9
You may never be an astronaut and you may never travel through space, but now you can contribute to man's unending journey thanks to the NASA Space Apps Challenge.

Calling on the talents and resources of space enthusiasts, America's world-famous aeronautics department is hoping that the solutions to humanity's pressing problems are within reach. Pick a global issue, any: deforestation, climate change, crumbling world finance, starvation or kleptocratic governments. The NASA Space Apps Challenge is casting their crowd-sourced net across the seven continents and hoping you have the key to any of these worldwide dilemmas.

So whether you want to co-ordinate protests, improve government transparency or simply connect affluent Westerners with impoverished communities, feel free to enter the competition and do your part for humankind.