The Narrabundah House Features a Slanted Roof Top

The Narrabundah House by Adam Dettrick features angular roof canopies which enclose both the front and rear terraces.

The front of the Australian home is slanted to one side, creating a boxed terrace with a street view that extends all the way to the distant Cuumbuen Nature Reserve. Meanwhile, the rear terrance, which leads into a scenic garden, acts as a sun trap during the winter months. The exterior of the home is clad in durable corrugated metals, concrete blocks and a large grid of windows. Dettrick explains, "The windows with small squares were an homage to the old mid-century modern house that the new house replaces."

Inside, the home is divided into two wings, separated by a long hallway through the center. The joined kitchen and dining area leads into the rear terrace through a set of sliding glass doors. On the opposite side, a pitched roof optimizes the home's natural light.