The Napoleon TravelQ PRO285X Barbecue is Suitable for Use Anywhere

 - Aug 14, 2017
References: napoleongrills & napoleongrills
Portable versions of full-sized products are often associated with being a somewhat less-than option, but this isn't the case with the Napoleon TravelQ PRO285X Barbecue. Boasting all of the amenities and features as a full-sized grill, the barbecue has two elements and offers 285 square inches of grilling space, which enables up to 20 standard size burgers to be cooked at once. This makes it suitable for outdoor gatherings and tailgate parties where a hefty portion of food needs to be prepared to satisfy everyone in attendance.

The Napoleon TravelQ PRO285X Barbecue also has features the brand's patented JETFIRE Ignition System that ensures each burner will light in any condition on the first try. This will come as welcome news to anyone who has experienced trouble trying to get their grill going in a timely manner.