Nadia Kamil Raps About the Importance of Pap Smears

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: youtube & jezebel
Unsatisfied with the apathetic attitude women have towards their cervical health, Nadia Kamil was inspired to create the ‘Pap Rap.’ Now, granted, gynaecology is probably not the first thing you think of when you consider the merits of rap music, but I promise that Kamil’s hip-hop venture is super catchy. Set to the tune of Azalea Banks’ ‘212,’ the song begins with a disclaimer, asking us to "please excuse the misogynist language of hip-hop in order to promote women’s health….it’s a tricky balance isn’t it?"

Kamil then whole-heartedly launches into a rap touting the benefits of preventative care, dispelling any apprehension along the way. For women concerned about the price, she notes that "Obamacare will cover you and your mama’s care." On the other hand, for women a little shy about exposing their lady bits, she reminds us that the nurses have seen "1,000 vagina’s in their lives." Finally, for women who are apprehensive about the actual process, Kamil assures, "it takes 30 seconds, it ain’t a thrill but it’s fine. Honestly, it’s fine."

Considering that "cancer of the cervix is number two most common and number five most deadly," Kamil makes a pretty strong argument for the pap smear.