Nest's Cheeky 'Mystery Solved' Series Shows Various Household Mishaps

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: youtube & mashable
Nest, the smart home and home security technology company, has a new series of ads entitled 'Mystery Solved' that playfully depicts part of the reason why people find value in its cloud-based security cameras.

Certain minor household disasters are just too bizarre to imagine how they could have happened. The Mystery Solved campaign takes imagining out of the equation, showing faux-authentic Nest camera footage that demystifies the disastrous results that homeowners come back to find.

The series of four ads features absurd scenarios that a homeowner might possibly encouter: a burnt up tree, a wrecked lawn from a rogue lawnmower, a car in a pool, and a toilet papered patio. But the videos start before the result of the accident, solving the mysteries that would usually nag at homeowners after such serious accidents.