The My Whiskey Program Lets You Build Your Own Booze Blend

 - May 13, 2013
References: mrdistilling & thatsnerdalicious
Mississippi River Distilling Company has just launched the My Whiskey program, a new initiative that lets folks create their own whiskey. The program costs $6,000 and lets participants have total control over the creation of their whiskey. Those who sign up get to pick the grain bill, yeast, barrel, age and proof.

In addition to choosing the ingredients, participants in the My Whiskey program get to name the alcohol they have created. Once completed, the whiskey and the empty barrel are delivered. The company says that an 80 proof barrel of whiskey should create around 160 bottles of the good stuff. The program seems ideal for bars and restaurants that want a one-off brand of whiskey to sell, but the Mississippi River Distilling Company is also targeting normal folks who just want to make their own alcohol.