My Little Storm Trooper and More

 - Sep 28, 2008   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: spippo.deviantart & blog.makezine
My Little Storm Trooper comes from the deviantART gallery user named Spippo. There are a number of particularly creative cross-breeds in the gallery--I love the Stars Wars ones in particular.

Other movie-themed ponies include Heath Ledger's Joker character (on second edition), My Little Alien and My Little Predator.

Implications - Take a trip back to your childhood with these fun-loving and seriously made-over versions of your favorite toys! If I were able to customize any toy, I would have nowhere to start. My Little Pony was definitely popular amongst my friends and I, and this is definitely an adorable re-make.

Spippo does personalized work on commission, so you could essentially have a ‘My Little’ version of just about anything you want. ROCK ON!