From Alternative My Little Pony Toys to Celebrity Toy Ponies

 - Dec 8, 2012
This list of alternative My Little Pony toys defies what the plastic animal is known to represent. Defined as one of the most iconic child's toys, which spreads cheer and happiness, also teaches children valuable lessons like "friendship is truly magical."

Though this is all nice and dandy, sometimes all of the pleasantry and cheer is a bit too sickly sweet. This list puts a bit of a twist on the conventional toy and gives it a satirical revamp. Some of the highlights include the Dexter inspired serial killer pony, which puts a sadistic twist on the usually lovable doll. Or, there's also a badass pony toy that would be perfect for your badass self.

Anyone with a more perverse sense of humor are bound to love any of these not so cuddly alternative My Little Pony toys.