These Muslim Prayer Rugs are Made of Paper And Bic Pens

 - Oct 7, 2013
References: complexmag
Artist Jonathan Brechignac has taken upon himself to draw a series of intricate, detailed Muslim prayer rugs by hand; these rugs were created on pieces of paper using nothing but Bic ballpoint pens.

Designs on prayer rugs are traditionally incredibly detailed and difficult to reproduce; patterns are often woven and mixed in different ways with differing colors. Brechignac has successfully replicated these rugs simply armed with a ballpoint pen; his inspiration is the "less is more" precept. The designs, while primarily Muslim, are also inspired by other types of cultural art alongside military camouflage and animal patterns. Brechignac attempts to mix civilizations are religions into this vibrant hand drawn piece.

Pictures of these Muslim prayer rugs by Jonathan Brechignac can be viewed above and online on his official page.