Japanese Homeowners Construct Backyard Hideaways to Play Music

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: dezeen & gizmodo
Introducing the musical backyard hideaways made possible by the designers at Ni&Co Architects.

The Piano House offers a secluded space for artists to make music away from their urban lives. The sound-proof shack is the brainchild of Japanese homeowners and pianists who simply wanted to get away from the confines of their home, and into a private space where they could freely conduct and perform their music in peace and quiet.

The backyard hideaway is home to an upright and a grand, standing at 22x50, and is sound-isolated from the outside world with the building materials used and spiraling plan. The piano itself is located further back, offering even more isolation from the outdoor noises that can be certainly disruptive. The roof is angled to enhance acoustic resonance, giving musicians the ultimate experience and hideaway that they truly desire.