"Music Is Life" Zune Ad

 - May 25, 2008
References: stewarthendler & notcot.org
Speculative ads are becoming an increasingly popular means for artists and creative directors to enhance their personal portfolio and showcase their creative skills. It is a proactive way for lesser known (and sometimes well-established) artists to generate buzz and build up some hype about themselves. Naturally, when doing a speculative ad, it is best to choose a famous high-profile brand to grab people's attention. A while ago we brought you a controversial unsolicited Toyota Prius ad campaign by David Krulik that went viral and succeeded in creating buzz for both Toyota and the art director himself.

This brilliant “Music is Life” Zune spot is also a speculative ad made by Stewart Hendler that shows a young boy walking down the street while listening to his Zune music player. When he encounters a dead bird lying on the sidewalk, he kneels next to the bird places his Zune earphones against the bird's heart. The music brings the little birdie back to life and we see that “Music Is Life” and “Zune is Music.”

The ad was shot in just one day using a RED ONE digital camera with a seven person crew. The incredible accompanying soundtrack was created by Human WorldWide. I really like the ad and I think Microsoft should definitely adopt it as an official ad.

Hendler is not a beginner by any means, the talented director has a client list that includes Adidas, BMW, Budweiser & Motorola. He also has a new movie, whisper, out in Fall 2008 in the US.

Check out the similarly speculative Toyota “Well, at least he drives a Prius” campaign: