The Museum of Bullying Campaign Focuses on a Virtual Homage to the Predicament

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: adeevee
If there really was a Museum of Bullying, perhaps people will think about the peer-against-peer abuse in a different way. After all, being presented with such ugly behaviour in such a stark setting forces a whole new perspective that might result in the change people have been waiting for. Of course, this Museum of Bullying is a virtual space.

Conceived and executed by Enter Agency, an ad agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Museum of Bullying campaign focuses on the country's terrible track record in this particular realm. The agency explains, "This is our glimpse to the future in which future generations won’t repeat our mistakes but actually learn from them. "Oh, I did that in school", you might think." This is a hopeful venture that may eventually happen.