Niki Norberg Inks Works of Art on His Lucky Clients

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: facebook & neatorama
Inking one's body has worked its way up from a code system in prison to self-expression and now works of art as shown in the collection of mural sleeve tattoos by artist Niki Norberg. Utterly stunning, they could easily live on a large scale canvas, wall or ceiling as other similar great artworks do.

From eyes to portraits and even renditions of mythological creatures, these mural sleeve tattoos are noteworthy not only for the immense amount of detail, but also the realistic flair. Both of these aspects have "gained him wild popularity on Facebook and Instagram, with 171,000 and 256,000 followers respectively," according to Neatomrama. Perhaps the next time a person is in Gothenburg, Sweden, a trip to his studio is in order.