Little Caesars' Mozziago Pizza Combines Various Cheeses with Alfredo Sauce

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: grubgrade & chewboom
The popular pizza chain Little Caesars recently began testing an indulgent new creation dubbed the Mozziago Pizza. While cheese and pepperoni is not the most imaginative pizza option available, Little Caesars is taking the classic combination to new heights with the clever use of multiple different cheeses.

The Mozziago Pizza -- which has been spotted at several Little Caesars locations across Tennessee -- is a limited-edition pizza that makes cheese the star ingredient. The pizza itself is topped with fresh Mozzarella, which is swirled with creamy Alfredo sauce and then topped with sweet basil and savory slices of pepperoni. To give the pizza an extra cheesy taste, the crust is coasted in toasted asiago and parmesan cheese.

With cheesy goodness packed into every slice, the pizza is a perfect option for those who always insist on extra cheese.