The Mountain Riders Campaign Encourages Slope Clean Up Days

 - May 8, 2012
References: marcelparis & ibelieveinadv
It is not just local parks and neighborhood streets that require the occasional community cleanup as the Mountain Riders campaign shows. Other, more remote but equally used locations also require the tender, love and care that homes receive. By receiving such attention, these slopes will be able to better meet the standards of their visitors.

Conceived and executed by Marcel, an ad agency based in Paris, France, the Mountain Riders campaign centers around three different snowmen in life-saving situations. Skiers and snowboarders perform cardiac massage, heimlich and mouth-to-mouth maneuvers to help save these snowmen and, ultimately, the mountain they reside on. It encourages people to "participate in our clean the slopes day."

The Mountain Riders campaign was art directed by Julien Simons with creative direction by Emmanuel Lalleve and Florent Imbert. It was imaginatively photographed by Sacha Goldberger.