Charged Via Hand Crank (For Developing Countries)

 - May 6, 2006   Updated: Jun 13 2011
References: andreminoli & gizmodo
Kind of like the $100 Laptop on Trend Hunter a few months ago. The Motorola PVOT is a concept phone designed by Andre Minoli. When you turn the crank a few times, you get enough energy to have a phone call. It's intended for 3rd world countries, although the sleek design makes me crave it!

Implications - Social business is a growing industry that has the potential to solve many world issues while ensuring companies stay afloat. Products such as this hand-cranked Motorola are still selling a valuable, money-making product, while improving communications in developing countries. Corporations would do best to consider how their commodities help to sustain their business while simultaneously aiding those in need.