Chris Mcintosh's Motorized La-Z-Boy is Perfect for the Fat and the Furious

 - May 5, 2011
References: popsci
People like Chris McIntosh make me seriously wonder what I am doing with my life. McIntosh is a student at USC who has built his own motorized La-Z-Boy that can hit speeds of up to 40 mph.

McIntosh designed his first motorized chair in high school using an electric motor. Deciding that a 15-mph speed limit was too slow, he set to work remodeling his chair, swapping out the electric engine for a 4-stroke, 9-horsepower dirtbike engine. Many man hours and a couple of tweaks later, the motorized La-Z-Boy was ready to hit the road.

Despite the inclusion of a safety harness the chair isn't street legal, which is unfortunate as this chair could be the ultimate ride to school. As we all know, chicks dig convertibles, but real women love men who ride around in heavily padded motorized recliners.