Motorcycle Safety and Style is Combined in the Inflatable Airbag Vest

 - Apr 6, 2014
References: blessthisstuff & designyoutrust
Spidi is the world leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories; it is also renowned for its innovative motorcycle safety ideas such as its wearable airbags.

Spidi's latest product is a lightweight air bag vest. The vest is an essential item for any rider. The lightweight stylish vest hides a double cushion that inflates to protect the riders neck. The cushion inflates in 2/10ths of a second around the user's neck and is triggered by a cord that's attached to the bike. After the cushion is inflated, it's easily reset by installing a new CO2 cartridge.

Motorcycles are dangerous and riders should use every means available to prevent a serious injury. The Spidi neck airbag is a product that's practical, stylish and easy to use.