These Art Pieces Create Inspiration with Found Snippets and Paint

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: artnet & abduzeedo
The artworks of Peter Tunney contain clippings from newspapers, pieces of antique books and images from magazines -- and each one is centered around a strong motivational quote.

Featuring phrases such as "Change the way you see everything," "The time is always now," and "Remain Calm," Peter Tunney's beautiful collages remind their viewers to appreciate life, have gratitude and to maintain a positive outlook. Their edgy color schemes, found object aesthetic and fascinating materials make them much more visually appealing than the typical Helvetica on a sunset background motivational quote artwork.

Millennials love to incorporate positivity and spirituality into their lives, but prefer not to feel like they're being marketed to or sold on anything. These pop art pieces portray that particular balance of taste: their images are not cheesy or cliche, but the motivational quotes they contain carry important messages of hope and happiness.