The Laramie Knifeworks Blades are Made Using Mother of Pearl Shells

 - Mar 25, 2016
References: laramieknifeworks & hiconsumption
Weaponry brand Laramie Knifeworks offers consumers beautiful blades designed with luxurious minerals and materials including abalone and Mother of Pearl shell to create a technicolor pocket knife for everyday use.

The knives are a hybrid between functional design and artistry thanks to the luxurious and unconventional materials used by Laramie Knifeworks. The knives are made using abalone shell sourced from South Korea that is hammered into a flat sheet. The material is pearly with a rainbow color scheme that is surprisingly strong and durable in the make of the blade's handle. The colorful aesthetic of the material adds an unlikely visual element to the tool. The abalone is used alongside camel to create a strong, long-lasting and indestructible knife that can be kept on-person for outdoor use.