The Mooncup Rap Campaign Targets Periods in a New Light

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: mooncup & youtube
The typical tampon or sanitary napkin commercial is usually laden with a magnitude of dancing, smiling and flashy nights out; the Mooncup rap battle targets a new eco-friendly customer who wants to spice things up.

This informational rap highlights the differences between tampons and the Mooncup. The tiny silicone cup is significantly more environmentally friendly than the average tampon. This spunky commercial showcases two women in a club bathroom, firing off about which option is better. With backup dancers and lighting cues, the Mooncup rap battle segment is much more informative than any other menstrual product commercial.

Mooncup is a social business on the prowl for new ways to invigorate change in our community and among the nation as a whole. Currently, the company uses profit to launch educational programs such as the 'Love Your Vagina' campaign to raise awareness of women's health.

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