These Bracelets Help People Reboot and Reconnect to Natural Elements

 - May 22, 2015
References: chicexecs & redwaterdesignsjewelry
Part of Red Water Designs' new Elements Collection, these mood-boosting bracelets reflect each of the four elements. They are colored according to earth, air, water or fire. Every bracelet contains a semi-precious stone that naturally heals and creates positive energy.

The designer of this collection wanted to make a meaningful piece of jewelry that helped people stay centered and inspired. Wearing one of the mood-boosting bracelets is a small but powerful reminder to think clearly. The bracelets are made with single or double bands that contain intricate beading patterns which colorfully reflect one specific element. Combined with naturally powerful gemstones, the bracelets reconnect people and elements.

The bracelets are the perfect gift idea to treat yourself or to share with loved ones as a reminder to celebrate life. They can be worn at any age and are a prefect accessory to any outfit.