The Moo Desktop Accessories are Conveniently Compact

 - Oct 29, 2011
References: us.moo & unplggd
With everything getting a little slimmer and a little sleeker in the realm of furniture and interior design, the Moo Desktop Accessories jump on the modern bandwagon providing you with compact creations to add to your office.

The accessories that include a tape dispenser, a scissor holder and a basic desk organizer all come coated in a wood veneer and are comprised of renewable resources to add a touch of style and sustainability to your workplace. The DIY desk adornments are eco-conscious and super convenient; even the scissor holder comes with a handy pair of cutters in the pancaked packaging.

So if you have a craving to construct, snap up one of the Moo Desktop Accessories and give your space an environmentally friendly upgrade with flat-packed flair.