Monsieur Cabinet Draws Doodles Based on Misheard Movie Titles

 - Jan 29, 2012
References: monsieurcabinet & thisisnthappiness
This cute Monsieur Cabinet series, entitled ‘Celluloid Satire,’ depicts a bunch of misheard movies titles in simplistic, but highly comical doodles. It’s evocative of little children who don’t care enough to learn the actual titles of films so they blurt things out like, "Silence of the Lamps," or, "Schindler’s Lisp." The illustrations accompanying each title is also rudimentary in design, endearing viewers to these quirky pun-filled drawings.

Monsieur Cabinet, whose real name is Dave, is a Leeds-based illustrator, copywriter and designer. He specializes in minimalist depictions that forces viewers to discover the beauty of the mundane, an approach seen throughout ‘Celluloid Satire.’

Normally, a drawing of a dinky little knife would not be noteworthy, but when placed on a canvas making it look diminutive and coupled with the words, "It’s a Wonderful Knife," somehow, it becomes ingenious in its adorability.