These Monkey Portraits Infuse Both Humour and Introspection

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: danielsueiras & sweet-station
Artist Daniel Sueiras takes a more humorous slant to the traditional painted self-portraits by using monkeys of all different species as his subject. Though they may be our closest ancestors within the animal kingdom, monkeys still maintain very different capacities from humans.

Daniel Sueiras anthropomorphizes these primates by giving them humanistic characteristics and expressions. Situated with a baroque style backdrop and styled in business suits, these portraits demonstrate each of the monkey's bodies positioned either to the side, or full frontal while their eyes are focused right on the viewer.

Each of the visages have a devious expression to them, which pulls in the viewer and makes them even more intrigued as to what it is they are pondering. These monkey portraits blur the line between human and animal, which sparks the debate as to how far apart we truly are from our primate ancestors.