The New Way to Save Money

 - Feb 27, 2007   Updated: Apr 21 2011
Tomy Co. has designed a piggy bank that not only helps you save money but makes it fun at the same time. As you put money into the bank, the life of a fictional character is created. The more money saved, the better the life your fictional character receives.

Implications - The Jinsei Ginko accepts only ¥500 coins into its cubist confines. Incredibly, it can store up to 200 of these coins, which translates to over ¥100,000 in total. At first, the character portrayed on the black-and-white LCD screen lives in a simple boarding room. As the bank receives more money, however, this character's life dramatically improves. If the user doesn't put enough money in by the date of his saving target, however, his piggy bank avatar pays the ultimate price.