Hess Creates Garments Made From a Model Dipped in Molten Wax

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: wetheurban
Artist Bart Hess has recently set up an exhibit at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale that predominantly uses molten wax. In his Future Perfect installation, he creates digital artifacts as a way of exploring what the future of fashion could be like. His exhibit named, Garment District, showcases a beautifully sublime scene with a female model being dipped into a large glass tank of melted wax and as the body plunges into the liquid, a thin layer of wax crystallizes around the female model's curves and every single gap and space are encased with the ribbon-like material. Gradually, we witness the growth and developments in its visual architecture. The result is a wonderfully peaceful and silky smooth visual experience.

On the finished product, after the model comes out of the tank of molten wax, Hess says, "a manifestation of corrupt data in motion, a digital artefact, they hang from hooks like a collection of strange beasts and frozen avatars. body prints, imperfect and distorted and always utterly unique."