Editor Michael Hemsworth Discusses Molecular Gastronomy Products

 - Jun 7, 2014
References: youtu.be
While some foodies are just in it for the gourmet food, others take things to a more scientific level and get into molecular gastronomy. Trend Hunter Editor Michael Hemsworth is particularly interested in this branch of food science, which studies the physical and chemical properties of food ingredients and how they transform when cooked.

From scientific food pairings to molecular gastronomy cutlery to 3D food printings, scientific consumption can be innovative in a number of ways. Whether it's the Aroma Fork, which uses scent to enhance your eating experience, or combining the scientifically pleasing mix of asparagus, coffee and strawberries, these food science-related products are nothing short of enticing.

Advances in technology also allow companies like Electrolux to create products that will provide us and our future generations with food for thought.