The MOGA Pencil is Produced as Painstakingly as a Car Part

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: & industrialdesignserved
Those inexpensive writing utensils with graphite cores are treated like disposable scrawlers, being cheaply made and relatively quick to wear down. The MOGA Pencil is remarkably unlike its more ordinary counterparts, especially given the amount of effort that went into is manufacturing.

Heavy-duty machinery was necessary to cut and shape the tip of the implement from a piece of solid aluminum. It was made into a pyramidal form with about eight flat triangular sides and a narrowed neck that connects to a gorgeous handle of mahogany and olive. Gui Silva drilled channel through the center of the pencil to allow for the insertion of fresh pieces of lead.

The result is a beautiful writing utensil with a thick handgrip for a comfortable grasp. Keep the MOGA Pencil close to your desk because others would certainly attempt to snatch it.