Matteo Pacella and Philippine Hamen Embrace Greco-Roman Architecture

 - Nov 19, 2018
References: matteopacella & dezeen
For their collection of modern classical furniture, designers Matteo Pacella and Philippine Hamen tap into classical architecture and children's toys. Firstly, the creatives draw on the shapes and aesthetics of Greco-Roman structures. Secondly, they embrace modularity by channeling the reconfigurable aspect of building blocks.

The capsule contains 12 pieces of polished and refined modern classical furniture. Matteo Pacella and Philippine Hamen give it the name 'La città è mobile!,' which translates to 'The city is Mobile!.' Each piece in the colelction is made from medium-density fiberboard. To create a dominant and unified identity for their creations, the two designers opt-in to finish the modern classical furniture off with blue-pigmented resin.

Striking and minimalist, the La città è mobile! capsule consists of stools, steps, tables, benches, and bookshelves that have all been termed as "practical yet poetic."