A portable laundry service for the homeless...

 - Nov 20, 2014
References: huffingtonpost & buzzfeed
While the homeless can manage to gain food, medical care or shelter assistance, laundry is something that doesn't necessarily receive enough attention, but Mobile Laundry For Homeless is here to take care of that.

The lack of funds often does not allow homeless people to take care of their laundry. On top that, there are hardly any groups that offer free service. The inspiration behind Mobile Laundry For Homeless is this lack of any free laundry service.

The Australian duo Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi are behind Mobile Laundry For Homeless. This service is portable and can be used by any number of homeless people. There are no geographical constraints.

The Mobile Laundry For Homeless came into being through renovation of an old white van with a portable generator. This ensures that the van offering Mobile Laundry For Homeless can get power in public places. The process was completed by donations that included two washers and dryers. News Brisbane reported that this ensures washing of 20 kilograms (around 44 pounds) of laundry per hour.

The ultimate goal of Mobile Laundry For Homeless is to raise the health standards for the homeless people and help in restoration of their integrity.