“I Love Cancer” Ashtrays Are Brutally Honest

 - Jan 25, 2009
References: propagandaonline & ilovebadthings
As horrific as these mobile "I Love Cancer" ashtrays are, they do fulfill one purpose extremely well: Encourage people to quit smoking.

I mean, if you did have the guts to carry one of these ashtrays around, you would create so much havoc and upset every time you lit up that you would probably die with embarrassment before you developed lung cancer.

Anyway, this is not an attractive ashtray, but sometimes life isn’t attractive, and the fact is that people who smoke are in serious danger of developing cancerous diseases and endangering passive smokers with their fumes. So sorry to bring you the hard truth, smokers. You know it is bad. And these badass ashtrays would remind you of that knowledge, which is why I am posting them.