Mjøstårnet is Set to be the World's Tallest Timber Structure

 - Feb 15, 2018
References: moelven & archdaily
Modern skyscrapers were enabled by developments in the production of steel around the turn of the 20th century, and new engineering techniques have allowed for truly vertiginous glass and steel edifices, but Mjøstårnet is a planned skyscraper that abandons those materials. The building, which has currently begun construction in Brumundal, Norway, is made primarily from timber, and it is slated to stand 81 meters high, making it by far the tallest timber structure in the world.

At the planned height for Mjøstårnet, the building will be significantly taller than the next closest competitor. Treet, a tower in Bergen, is the current record-holder, and it stands 51 meters.

Brumundal's record-breaking building will rise 18 storeys, and it will be occupied with apartments, a hotel, a restaurant, offices, and even a 4,700-square-meter swimming hall.

Image Credit: Moelven